I offer comprehensive financial management services, personalized to your goals and situation. This includes building a plan that deals with all areas where money wields an influence (read: everything), as well as help putting that plan into action.

Building a relationship with you is important to me; we will set up regular meetings so I can get to know you, understand your goals, and keep us on track executing your plan. I’m also available to discuss unexpected questions that may arise, whether about choosing a new benefits package, buying a house, choosing a credit card, understanding your health and disability insurance options, or anything else that comes up.

What I Do

We will work to create a financial plan, create and manage a tailored investment portfolio, and file your taxes each year. Take a look at the links below for a more detailed look at these three general categories:


Because cost is important to everyone, I tailor an annual fee to your situation. Transparency is extremely important to me, so I invite you to take a look at my full discussion of financial planning fees, with examples of how I calculate my fees at the end.

The short version is this: I’m a fee-only advisor (no commissions), and I compute annual fees based off a percentage of your annual income plus a smaller percentage of your net worth. This is not a hard-and-fast formula; for those in school, a medical residency program, etc, we will work together to find an agreement that makes sense.